Pressure Sensor

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Liquid Level Transmitter


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The pressure sensors include: ceramic pressure sensor, diffusion silicon pressure sensor, capacitive ceramic pressure sensor, oil filled sensor, I2C and SPI pressure sensor etc.

The pressure transmitters include: high frequency pressure transmitter, micro pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, anti-corrosion pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, high temperature pressure transmitter, diaphragm pressure transmitter, OEM pressure transmitter, digital display pressure transmitter etc.

Pressure Transmitter Application Industry

The pressure transmitters and sensors produced by IntelliBee Sensor are used leak detection equipment, medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power plants, automation equipment manufacturing, food and other industries.

Pressure Transmitter News

IntelliBee Sensor provide pressure sensor and pressure transmitter news.

What is a dynamic pressure sensor?

Piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of dynamic pressure sensor, which can not be used for static measurement, because the c……

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How to carry out antifreeze and thermal insulation of dynamic pressure sensor in winter

No matter what kind of instruments and equipment, under some working conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, high pressure a……

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Characteristics and composition of dynamic pressure sensor

In the history of application and development of dynamic pressure sensor, the introduction of intelligence is a revolutionary subversion o……

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