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Pressure Sensor Professional manufacturer

Jiangsu IntelliBee Control Sensor Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise integrating R & D and production of pressure measurement and control instruments. IntelliBee Control Sensor manufactures and sells pressure sensor, ceramic pressure sensor, diffusion silicon pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, high frequency pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, anti-corrosion pressure transmitter, high and low temperature pressure transmitter etc.

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Pressure Sensor / Pressure Transmitter

Strive to create products with high scientific and technological content and stable technical quality for customers, and form a complete one-stop service system for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our advantages

Demand customization

Parameters can be customized according to customer needs,For customized cooperation, please consult customer service

High quality products

Each product is subject to strict factory inspection Inspection, quality assurance

Intimate service

Professional customer service 24-hour reception,Timely handling of problems

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Shell raw materials & CNC processing

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