ACE series are designed as a pressure transfer module, There are three function modules embeded in a 316L stainless steel housing.
1) Pressure module–Utilizing silicone oil to transfer pressure from the 316L stainless steel diaphragm to a MEMS pressrue die.
2) ASIC module–Amplification and temprature compensation for pressure siginal
3) EMC module–Protection for the whole electric circuit

The pressure transfer module themselves are ideally suited for embeding in application-specific systems.
Various amplified output with 4~20mA, 0.5~4.5V, 0~5V are avaliable, Also digital output of I2C or SPI could be provided based on request.


* Sensor size with transmitter functions
* Pressure range: 0-10Kpa…7Mpa
* Total error band<0.50%(typical)
* Wild compensation temp.(-10~70℃)
* Side O-ring seal,no assembly stress
* Low cost
* Reverse polarity protection
* EMC functions

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Transmitter Capsule

Ambient Temperature: 25°C (unless otherwise specified)

Parameters Min. Typical Max.
combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
≤10Kpa ±0.2 ±0.3
>10Kpa ±0.05 ±0.1
Output 0.5~4.5V(Ratiometric); 0-5V; 4-20mA
Zero output(%FS) -0.5 ±0.25 0.5
Full Scale output(%FS) -0.5 ±0.25 0.5
Temp. characters
Operation Temp.(℃) -40 125
Compensation Temp.(℃)1 ≤40Kpa 0 50
>40Kpa -10 70
Total error band(%FS)2 -0.75 ±0.5 0.75
Long term Stability
Zero (±%FS annual) 0.2
Span (±%FS annual) 0.1
Power supply(V) See ordering information
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ/250V
Frequency(Hz) 1K
Overpressure ≤4Mpa 2X
>4Mpa 1.5X
Pressure media Liquids and Gases compatible with 316L Stainless Steel
Life >107 Full range pressure

1. Compensation temp. -20~85℃ optional
2. Total error band: total output error including Zero, Span,non-linearity,temp.erorr within compensated temperature range
CE Compliance:
* EN55022 Emissions Class A&B
* IEC61000-4-2(ESD):8KV(air)/6KV(contact)
* IEC61000-4-3 Radiated, Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Immunity (3V/m, 80MHZ~1GHZ)
* IEC61000-4-4 Electrial Fast Transient Immunity (1KV)
* IEC61000-4-5 Surge Immunity
For Voltage Output: EX+ to GND:±0.5KV/42Ω; L to Case: ±1KV/12Ω; GND to Out+: ±0.5KV/42Ω
For Current Output: EX+ to EX-:±0.5KV/42Ω; L to Case: ±1KV/12Ω
This item is not applied for digital output
* IEC61000-4-6 Immunity to Conducted Disturbances Induced by Radio Frequency Fields (150KHZ~80MHZ 3V Level)
* IEC61000-4-9 Pulse Magnetic Field Immunity (100A/m Peak)

Model Input/Output
ACE11 5V/0.5-4.5V(Ratiometric)
ACE12 8-30V/0-5V
ACE13 8-30V/4-20mA
ACE1X Special
Code Pressure Reference
G Vent Gauge Pressure
S Sealed Gage
A Absolute Pressure
Code Pressure Range Gauge Absolute
10K 0-10Kpa *
40K 0-40Kpa *
100K 0-100Kpa * *
200K 0-200Kpa * *
600K 0-600Kpa * *
1M 0-1Mpa * *
1.6M 0-1.6Mpa * *
2.5M 0-2.5Mpa * *
4M 0-4Mpa * *
7M 0-7Mpa * *
XX Special
Code Electrical Connection
1 Connect Pins
2 Ribbon Cable(90mm as default)
Example: X Special
ACE13 A 600K 1
4-20mA Absolute 0-600Kpa Pins Model:ACE13A-600K1

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