AP15 series intelligent double flange transmitter is mainly used for pressure measurement of sealed tank bodies. The pressure transmitter uses industrial explosion-proof shells, high stability and reliability capacitive pressure sensors as signal measurement elements. Through high reliability amplification circuits and precise temperature compensation, the gauge pressure or absolute pressure of the measured medium is converted into standard electrical signals+Hart protocol signals, and high-quality sensors The amplification circuit and perfect assembly process ensure the excellent quality and optimal performance of the product. Suitable for industrial sites, food, pharmaceutical equipment, power generation, mechanical manufacturing, petrochemicals, steam and heat exchange, and other neighboring areas.


* Multiple types of membranes including 316L, tantalum, HC, PTFE, etc. are available for selection. The unique membrane mounting technology can
perfectly solve the corrosion of high-strength corrosive media such as hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid on membranes
* Provide a multi parameter online exchange solution, and multiple units can be automatically converted online
* 4-20mA+Hart protocol output
* Range and display parameters can be adjusted and modified through buttons or manual operators
* Comprehensive data backup and recovery functions for easy on-site maintenance
* Anti interference, anti vibration, and anti impact


* The pressure passes through the capillary tube and acts on the pressure sensor. After filling the tank with high-temperature silicone oil, it can
measure a high-temperature medium with a maximum temperature of around 450 degrees Celsius
* Measurement medium: suitable for measuring the pressure or liquid level of various corrosive and impurity containing liquids, gases, and vapors
* Measurement range: -0.1~0~100MPa
* Power supply signal: 12-30VDC
* Output signal: 4-20Ma+Hart protocol
* Display mode: 5-bit LCD, with various combinations of PV value, mA, and% display available on-site
* Process connection: M20X1.5, G1/2 ”, G1/4 ”, NPT1/2 ” and other threads, special threads can be customized
* Membrane material: 316L, tantalum, HC, PTFE, etc
* Installation methods such as flanges and clamps
* Environmental temperature: -40~85 ℃
* Medium temperature: -40~600℃ max

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