Viscous Fluids Pressure Sensor and Transmitter

Viscous fluids pressure sensor and transmitter adopts AP27 series flush diaphragm sanitary pressure transmitter. The pressure sensor and transmitter is specially designed for viscous, pasty, adhesive, crystallized, particle-laden and contaminated media that can clog pressure channels in traditional process connections measurement in.

AP30 Anti Corrosive Liquid Level Transmitter

AP30 series anti corrosive liquid level transmitter adopts high-performance ceramic piezoresistive and corrosion-resistant cores.

  • 1) All-stainless steel one-piece structure liquid level transmitter
  • 2) Submersible anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter
  • 3) Split type with display submersible liquid level transmitter
  • Level Range: 0 ~ 1m ~ 1000mH2O(optional)
  • Shell material:PVC、PTFE、316L, Titanium alloy,PVDF, Teflon, PP(optional)
  • Wetted material: 316L, ceramic, Titanium alloy(optional)

AC32/18 Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Transducer Sensor

  • Pressure Range: ±7KPa~2.5KPa~25MPa
  • Built-in thick film circuit output 1~4V

I2C, SPI Pressure Sensor and Transducer

I2C SPI pressure sensor and transducer is designed for o-ring mounting, supports I2C and SPI interface protocols, may come in a 3.3 or 5.0Vdc supply voltage.

AP105 High-precision Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

AP105 high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge uses a 105mm dial 55x55mm ultra-large LCD screen, and the frequency division display of the main screen.

AP80 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

AP80 is a high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge with integrated pressure measurement and display, equipped with a large-size LCD liquid crystal display with Dial 80mm.

Micro Differential Pressure Sensor and Transmitter

AP26 micro differential pressure sensor and transmitter is assembled with silicon piezoresistive differential pressure core.

High Frequency Dynamic Pressure Transducer

The high frequency dynamic pressure transducer is specially designed for military engineering, chemical explosion test, petroleum investigation and exploitation, petroleum well test, material, mechanics, civil engineering, geo-mechanics, traumatic medicine, hydraulic power mechanical test.

4-20mA, 0.5-4.5V, 0-5V Pressure Sensor

ACE pressure sensor series are designed as a transmitter capsule, There are three function modules embeded in a 316L stainless steel housing.

Steam Pressure Transducer and Transmitter

Steam pressure transducer and transmitter are all stainless steel structures, and imported high temperature resistant pressure sensors are used as signal measurement sensitive components.

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