AC32/18 is a dry-type ceramic capacitive pressure transducer refined by a special process of ceramic materials. Ceramic is the recognized material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, shock resistance and vibration resistance. The thermal stability of ceramics can make its working temperature range as high as -40~125℃, and it has high precision and high stability of measurement. Its biggest feature is that the range can be as small as 700Pa, and the overload resistance can reach 100 times that of the range, which completely solves the shortcomings of other types of sensors that have no small range and poor overload capacity when they have a small range. Its most characteristic is its positive and negative pressure, such as ±7kpa, ±2.5kpa, etc

AC32/18 dry-type ceramic capacitive pressure sensor has high output and wide range, and is especially suitable for manufacturing high-performance industrial control pressure transmitters. The large circular diaphragm has a flat surface and is easy to install.


* Rugged Ceramic Capacitor Sensitive Diaphragm
* Built-in thick film circuit output 1~4V
* Excellent corrosion and wear resistance
* Flat large circular diaphragm, easy to install
* High precision and high stability
* Wide operating temperature range
* Fast response, no lag
* Range shift ratio up to 10:1
* Passive calibration possible

Working Principle:

The anti-corrosion dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor has no liquid transmission, and the process pressure acts directly on the front surface of the ceramic diaphragm. The displacement and the change of capacitance are fine-tuned by laser, the sensor-specific signal conditioning circuit ASIC amplifies and outputs a DC voltage of up to 4000mV, and the built-in temperature sensor continuously measures the temperature of the medium and performs temperature compensation. When overloaded, the diaphragm is attached to the ceramic substrate without damage. When the pressure returns to normal, its performance is not affected in any way. It completely solves the shortcoming of poor low-range overload capability, and is an upgraded product of diffused silicon sensors. The standardized high output has strong anti-interference ability, and the dedicated line can carry out large range migration (10:1). The sensor has high temperature stability and time stability, comes with temperature compensation -20 ~ 80 ℃, and can be in direct contact with most media.

AC32/18 ceramic sensor has no liquid transfer effect, no filling liquid, and no process pollution. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in food, medicine and other industries. In addition, it is a flat ceramic diaphragm, so it is not affected by the installation direction. The pressure transmitter produced as a sensitive element is widely used in various pressure measurement occasions.

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Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Transducer

Supply voltage 5 VDC
Measuring range ±7kPa~2.5KPa~7MPa kPa(MPa)
Response time <1 mS
Accuracy (linear,hysteresis, repeatability) 0.1…0.2 FS%
Zero Point 1000±100 mV
Span 4000±100 mV
Temp. characteristics: (temp. compensation range) ±0.014 %FS/℃
Stability <0.1 %FS/year
Supply current <2 mA
Working Temperature -40~125
Insulation resistance >2 kV
Dimensions 32.36×5.28…6.55 mm
Code Range Maximum overload
AC32 007X 0.025 2.0
AC32 020X 0.20 2.8
AC32 035X 0.35 3.6
AC32 050X 0.50 3.8
AC32 10X 1.00 5.0
AC32 20X 2.00 10.0
AC32 35X 3.50 17.0
AC32 50X 5.00 25.0
AC32 70X 7.00 35.0
AC32 100X 10.00 50.0
AC32 200X 20.00 100.0
X: G, A or D
G= gauge pressure, A =absolute pressure, D = positive and negative pressure

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