AC19C ceramic pressure sensor adopts ceramic thick film integrated piezoresistive technology with excellent stability and high reliability. The pressure sensor can be used for loading metal casing or directly integrating with electronic circuit of mechanical equipment. The pressure sensor is compact and easy to integrate. Package, suitable for large-scale production and OEM operation, excellent corrosion resistance, direct contact with corrosive gas liquid, and very stable under harsh conditions. A comprehensive product inspection system with integrated temperature compensation and advanced manufacturing technology. Suitable for high volume, low cost applications.


* Ceramic thick film piezoresistive technology
* Compact and easy to package
* Excellent corrosion resistance
* Integrated temperature compensation
* Suitable for high volume, low cost applications


Automotive applications, industrial automation, air conditioning, pneumatic equipment, pumps, medical equipment, air compressors, refrigeration systems, appliances, battery supply equipment, pneumatic hydraulic systems, central air conditioning refrigeration systems, sewage treatment pumps, industrial ink printers, servo motors and Transmission, starter bulldozer, etc.

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Ceramic Pressure Sensor

1: – Output
2: + Excitation voltage
3: + output
4: – Excitation voltage

Pressure range 0~10bar,0~20bar,0~25bar (0~1MPa, 0~2MPa, 0~2.5MPa)
Sensitivity 2-4mv/v
Zero temperature drift ≤±0.3%FS
Zero output ±1mV
Excitation voltage 5….30VDC
Operating temperature -20…120℃
Compensation temperature -10…70℃
Safety Overload 150%FS
Limit Overload 300%FS
Accuracy  (nonlinear +hysteresis + repeatability) ≤±0.5%FS
Repeatability ≤±0.2%FS
AC19C Ceramic Pressure Sensor
Model Description
AC19C Dia. Ø18mm Ceramic Pressure Sensor
Code Power Supply
V Constant voltage
C Constant Current
Code Pressure range
1M 0~1MPa
2M 0~2MPa
2.5M 0~2.5MPa
XX Customized
Code Pressure Type
G Gauge
Code Electrical
1 Connector pin
2 Ribbon Cable
X Customized

1. Can be used for down-range, and the amplitude is controlled within ±50%FS.
2. The maximum pressure of the system should be less than the overload protection limit of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product and damage the product.
3. Do not force to pull the pins or the leads of sensitive components.
4. Protect the isolation diaphragm at the front end of the pressure sensitive component to prevent the impact of the pressure sensitive component from damaging the sensitive component.
5. If you have special requirements on product performance parameters and functions, please contact us.

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