Characteristics and composition of dynamic pressure sensor

In the history of application and development of dynamic pressure sensor, the introduction of intelligence is a revolutionary subversion of traditional sensing technology. Of course, the intellectualization of intelligent dynamic pressure sensor means that multiple sensitive devices with the same or different functions are made on the same chip to form a sensor array, which mainly has three meanings.

Multiple sensitive units with the same function are integrated on the same chip to measure the measured spatial distribution information, such as dynamic pressure sensor array or well-known charge coupled devices.

Secondly, multiple sensitive units with the same structure and similar functions are integrated, such as integrating different gas sensing units to form an “electronic nose”. Using the cross sensitivity effect of various sensitive units on different gases and advanced data processing technologies such as neural network pattern recognition, various components of mixed gas can be monitored at the same time to obtain the component information of mixed gas, At the same time, the measurement accuracy of the gas sensor is improved; Another case of integration in this sense is to integrate sensor elements in different ranges, which can be switched between each sensor element according to the size to be measured, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy and expand the measurement range of the dynamic pressure sensor.

Of course, a simpler intelligent dynamic pressure sensor is mainly composed of sensors, microprocessors and related circuits. The dynamic pressure sensor can not only calculate, store and process the measured data of the sensor, but also adjust the sensor through the feedback loop. Because the computer gives full play to the functions of various software, it can complete tasks that are difficult to be completed by hardware, which greatly reduces the difficulty of sensor manufacturing, improves the performance of sensor and reduces the cost. The sensor converts the measured physical quantity into corresponding electrical signal and sends it to the signal conditioning circuit. After filtering, amplification and analog-to-digital conversion, it is sent to the microcomputer.

If divided from the structure, intelligent sensors can be divided into integrated, hybrid and modular. Integrated intelligent dynamic pressure sensor integrates one or more sensitive devices with microprocessor and signal processing circuit on the same silicon chip. It has high integration and small volume, but it is difficult to reach the current technical level; If the sensor, microprocessor and signal processing circuit are made on different chips, a hybrid intelligent sensor is formed. At present, there are many such structures; The primary intelligent sensor can also be composed of many independent modules. For example, a microcomputer, a signal conditioning circuit module, a data circuit module, a display circuit module and a sensor are assembled in the same housing structure to form a modular intelligent sensor.

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