Diaphragm Type-diaphragm Pressure Switch Features:

* Diaphragm type-diaphragm pressure switch is suitable for all types of industrial site, and ideal alternative to similar foreign products.
* Imported rubber/316L stainless steel diaphragm/piston sensor, with stable and reliable performance.
* SPDT or DPDT output; cast aluminum housing, optional explosion-proof; a variety of optional pressure and electrical interface.
* Simple structure, no moving parts.
* Accuracy: 0.5; Repeatability: ±1%.
* Range: 30Pa-40MPa optional.


* Power Industry
* Petroleum Industry
* Chemical Industry
* Metallurgical Industry
* Boiler Industry
* Food Machinery
* Environmental Equipment

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FSP-G Series: welded 316L stainless steel diaphragm and pressure can be customized interfaces, explosion product model followed by “-E”

Model Range Dead zone Switching frequency Sensor Material
FSP-GM0160GL 0.006~0.16MPa ≤0.004MPa 20 beats/min 316L
FSP-GM1000GL 0.02~1.0MPa ≤0.02MPa 20 beats/min 316L
FSP-GM2500GL 0.05~2.5MPa ≤0.03MPa 20 beats/min 316L
FSP-GM6000GL 0.3~6MPa ≤0.035MPa 20 beats/min 316L
FSP-GG100GL 1~10MPa ≤0.35MPa 20 beats/min 316L
FSP-GG160GL 1~16MPa ≤0.35MPa 20 beats/min 316L

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