AP83 series explosion-proof pressure transmitter is a fully isolated intelligent field measuring instrument developed and designed by using fully isolated circuit technology and can carry HART communication protocol. Combined with advanced piezoresistive silicon chip sensor design and manufacturing technology, the sensor signal is converted Standardized signal output, the product has stable and reliable performance after long-term aging. It is applied to the open field with relatively harsh environment, and it is required to be able to observe the pressure display on site. It is suitable for process control and pressure measurement in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, textile, environmental control and other industries.

EX-Explosion protection class according to Ex iaIICT6 according to ATEX can be used in the following hazardous environments: gas, vapour and mist: connection to zone 0, 1, 2, dust: connection to zone 20, 21, 22, mining area: M1 and M2 Class, this type of pressure transmitter by the intrinsic safety barrier or through the standard Zener diode input voltage 10…30V, output signal 4…20mA two-wire system.

The isolated explosion-proof Ex dⅡCT6 is provided with an explosion-proof hose 4 in charge of the outer teeth, and the electrical wiring protection must be considered when the sensor is installed.


* The shell is made of aluminum alloy, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof design
* Various signal outputs, cost-effective
* Can be equipped with LCD, LED digital display meter
* High comprehensive measurement accuracy and good long-term stability
* Anti-vibration, can be used in the open air all day long


* Boilers, pipes
* Water conservancy and hydropower, electricity
* Petroleum, chemical,
* Food and pharmaceutical industry
* Hydraulic measurement, building automation

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Explosion-proof Pressure Transmitter

Performance Parameter:
Measuring Range 0~35KPa…150MPa
Overload Capability 200%FS(range<6Bar)  300%FS(range≥6Bar)
Burst Pressure 300%FS(range<6Bar)  500%FS(range≥6Bar, limit 1800Bar)
Durability ﹥1×107 cycle(P:10~90%FS)
Pressure Type Gauge / Absolute
Measuring medium Gas or liquid compatible with 17-4/316 stainless steel
Response time ≤4ms
Resolution 0.01%FS
Accuracy (linear,hysteresis, repeatability) Typical:±0.5%FS Maximum:±1%FS
Long-term stability Typical:±0.2%FS Maximum:±0.3%FS
Zero temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃
Environmental Conditions:
Medium Temperature  -40~100℃
Ambient Temperature -40~85℃
Compensation Temperature  -10~70℃
Storage temperature -30~105℃
Vibration resistance  20g(<6bar) ; 10g(≥6bar)           IEC 60068-2-2
Impact resistance  500g(<6bar) ; 200g(≥6bar)         IEC 60068-2-27
Intrinsically safe explosion-proof Ex iaⅡCT6 Ga    Power supply with zener safety barrier (when the current is too large, the fuse will be blown instantaneously)
Ui=28VDC  ,  Ii=93mA  ,  Pi=0.65W  ,  Ci=42nF  ,  Li=0mH
Isolated explosion-proof Ex dⅡCT6 Gb   The sensor cable is routed through the explosion-proof hose to prevent the cable from being pulled, worn and short-circuited.
Cable protection Electrode reversal protection and short circuit protection
Insulation resistance  ﹥100MΩ(100V)
Shell Protection Cable type(IP67) Compliance IEC 60529 standard
Certification CE
Electrical Specifications:
Code Standard signal(with short circuit protection) Supply voltage with polarity protection Power supply-Current Load(R) Output Impendence
A1 4~20mA DC 9~30V Max.25mA R≤(U-9)/0.02Ω
V1 1~5V DC DC 9~30V   8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
Interface and housing Stainless Steel 304
Sensor Diaphragm Stainless steel 316L (range<6Bar) /17-4PH stainless steel (range ≥6Bar)
AP83 G 040B A1 F2 W1 ED
Model Pressure type Pressure Range Output Thread size Electrical connection Explosion-proof grade
AP83 G=Gauge
035K =35KPa G
070K=70KPa G
001B=1bar G/A
002B=2bar G/A
004B=4bar G/A
006B=6bar G/A
010B=10bar G/A
016B=16bar G/A
025B=25bar G/A
040B=40bar G
060B=60bar G
100B=100bar G
160B=160bar G
250B=250bar G
400B=100bar G
600B=600bar G
01KB=1000bar G
15KB=1500bar G
F2= G ¼ Male
F0= Customized
W1= Straight Out 1m cable
W2=A type HSM plug
W3=M12 corner out 1m
W4=M12 Straight Out 1m
W0= Customized
E=Ex iaIICT6
T= Special

Model example: AP83G040BA1F2W1ED
Range:0-4MPa Gauge; Output: 4-20mA; Accuracy: ±0.5%FS typical; Supply: 9~30V DC, Pressure Connection: G ¼ Male; Electrical Connection: Straight Out 1m cable; Ex iaIICT6; Ex dIICT6
Remarks: It can be customized if the order quantity exceeds a certain amount. Please contact the sales engineers for details
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