AC23 series flat diaphragm pressure sensor is a flat membrane product developed based on AC13 series (no welding ring at the front end). This flat diaphragm pressure sensor is a silicon piezoresistive sensor with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology. This pressure sensor is a high-stability, high-precision OEM pressure sensor. Measuring core. This flat diaphragm pressure sensor is packaged with pressure chips from internationally renowned manufacturers. The external pressure is transmitted to the sensitive components through the 316L stainless steel diaphragm and the internal filling of silicone oil. The core is welded with the M20X1.5mm or G1/2 screw head made of stainless steel 316L material, and the pressure-sensitive diaphragm is placed at the front end of the screw head.

Each sensor has undergone strict zero-point and full-scale temperature compensation before leaving the factory, which ensures the measurement accuracy in complex environments.


* High stability and high precision
* Suitable for small and medium pressure (0-40Kpa…4Mpa)
* Wide temperature compensation range
* Corrosive media can be measured (compatible with 316L)a
* Standardized package size
* Typical output: 0-100mV


* Food and pharmaceutical industry
* Pressure gauge
* Liquid level measurement
* Pressure transmitter

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Flat Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

Excitation current 1.5mA, preheat for 10 minutes at 25°C
Parameters Min. Typical Max.
Non-Linearity1 40Kpa ±0.20 ±0.30
>40Kpa ±0.10 ±0.20
Hysteresis 2 ±0.05 ±0.10
Repeatibility 3 ±0.05 ±0.10
Zero -5 ±1 5
Span(FS) 70
Temp. characters
 Operation Temp.(℃) -40 125
Compensation Temp(℃) 40Kpa 0 50
≥100Kpa -10 70
Zero Temp.error(%FS)4 ±0.75 ±1.0
Span Temp. error(%FS)4 ±0.75 ±1.0
Thermal hysteresis(%FS)5 0.1
Long term Stability
Zero (±%FS annual) 0.1
Span (±%FS annual) 0.1
Supply Current 0.5 1.5 2
Input Resistance 2.0 2.5 3
Output Resistance 2.5 3.0 3.7
Load Resistance(MΩ)6 5
Insulation Resistance(MΩ/50V)7 50
Pressure Range 0-40Kpa…4Mpa
Pressure Overload 2X
Pressure Media Liquids and Gases compatible with 316L  Stainless Steel


1. Best fit straight line.
2. The pressure sensor performs the pressure from the minimum value to the maximum value (positive stroke) and the maximum value to the
minimum value (reverse stroke), and the deviation of the output value at any pressure with in the pressure range from the forward
stroke to the reverse stroke;
3. In the same test method as in 2, perform 3 forward and reverse stroke pressure cycles;
4. Compared with the output of 25 °C in the compensation temperature range
5. Zero output is the deviation value before and after the sensor performs a temperature cycle of -40~+125°C.
6. Increase the load resistance to reduce the measurement error
7. Between the lead and the outer casing

Model Description
AC23 Flat diaphragm pressure sensor with screw head
Code Power Supply
C Constant Current
Code Pressure Range Gauge Absolute
40K 0-40Kpa *
100K 0-100Kpa * *
160K 0-160Kpa * *
400K 0-400Kpa * *
600K 0-600Kpa * *
1M 0-1Mpa * *
1.6M 0-1.6Mpa * *
2.5M 0-2.5Mpa * *
4M 0-4Mpa * *
XX Special
Code Pressure Reference
G Vent Gauge Pressure(W/O vent tube as default)
A Absolute Pressure
S Sealed Gage
Code Fitting
1 M20X1.5(Stainless Steel:316L)
2 G1/2(Stainless Steel:316L)
X Customized
AC23 C 600K G 1
Flat diaphragm pressure sensor with screw head  Current Supply 0-600Kpa Vent Gauge M20X1.5(Stainless Steel:316L) AC23C-600K-G1

Note: Food-grade oil-filled products are also available

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