M501-R-020-0-1-01-1 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer 


M501-R-010-0-1-01-1 flush diaphragm pressure transducer are made with a ceramic base plate and a flush diaphragm and work following the piezoresistive principle.
The Wheatstone bridge is screen printed on one side of the flush ceramic diaphragm which is, in turn, glued to the sensor’s body. The bridge faces the inside where a cavity is made and the diaphragm’s opposite side can therefore be exposed directly to the medium to be measured.
Because of the Al2O3 ceramic excellent chemical resistance (aggressive gases, most of solvents and acids, etc.), no additional protection is normally required. The flush diaphragm pressure transducer are thermally compensated by laser-adjustable PTC resistors and the use of ceramic ensures a high linearity across the entire range of measurement, reducing effects of hysteresis to a minimum.


* Sturdy ceramic sensitive diaphragm
* Zero point, full-scale laser calibration
* Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance
* Anti-impact, anti-vibration
* High precision, high stability
* Wide operating temperature range
* Small size, easy to package


M501-R-020-0-1-01-1 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer 


Pressure range 100KPa ~60MPa
Dimension φ18×5.25mm
Power supply 5~ 30V DC
Bridge impedance 11KΩ±20%
Response time < 1mS
Accuracy (linear, hysteresis, repeatability) 0.2 ~ 0.4 FS%
Zero drift ±0.2mV/V
Insulation resistance >2kv
Output of full scale 2.0 ~4.8mV/V
Temp. characteristics: (Temp. compensation range: 0 ~ 70 °C) ±0.015%FS/°C
Operating temperature -40~125 °C
Stability <0.2%FSO/year


Type Pressure Range(bar) Overload (bar) Break Pressure(bar) Sensitivity (mV/V)
AC21C-0.5 0…0.5 1 2 1.5~2.4
AC21C-1 0…1 2 4 2.0~3.5
AC21C-2 0…2 4 5 2.0~4.0
AC21C-5 0…5 10 12 2.4~4.5
AC21C-10 0…10 20 25 3.6~6.0
AC21C-20 0…20 40 50 2.4~4.0
AC21C-50 0…50 100 120 4.0~6.5
AC21C-100 0…100 200 250 3.1~4.8
AC21C-200 0…200 400 500 2.5~3.9
AC21C-400 0…400 650 650 3.1~4.8
AC21C-600 0…600 880 880 3.1~4.8

1. Different batches of products may have different printing colors.
2. Can be used for down-range and the amplitude is controlled within ±50%FS.
3. The maximum pressure of the system should be less than the overload protection limit of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product and damage the product.
4. Do not force to pull the pins or the leads of sensitive components.
5. Protect the isolation diaphragm at the front end of the pressure sensitive component to prevent the impact of the pressure sensitive component from damaging the sensitive component.
6. If you have special requirements on product performance parameters and functions, please contact us.

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