AP105 high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge is specially designed for high-end supporting customers with high standards. The digital pressure gauge uses ultra-high-precision and stable pressure sensors. AP105 intelligent digital pressure gauge is a high-precision low-power intelligent pressure measuring instrument.

AP105 uses a 105mm dial 55x55mm ultra-large LCD screen, and the frequency division display of the main screen and the sub-screen at the same time, while displaying real-time pressure, can simultaneously display site temperature, maximum pressure, minimum pressure and other reference data. The digital pressure gauge has many functions such as zero reset, backlight, power on / off, unit switching, low voltage alarm, etc. The digital pressure gauge is easy to operate and install. Currently passed CE, CPA, Ex-explosion, RoHS certifications.

AP105 is a high-precision pressure gauge with on-site temperature and pressure measurement and display. The digital pressure gauge has the characteristics of anti-vibration, high display accuracy, high stability, zeroing, and automatic standby. The digital pressure gauge is preset 10 common pressure units to choose from, with adjustable pressure collection rate, displayed battery power. The digital pressure gauge is also equipped with USB external power supply and battery dual power supply mode, powered by 3 AA batteries, using ultra-low Power consumption design, can last more than 3600 hours. Adopting high-precision ADC and high-speed microprocessor, all digital design, high precision, good stability and beautiful appearance. With automatic standby and one-button reset function, easy to use, suitable for pressure measurement fields such as portable pressure measurement, equipment matching, calibration equipment, etc.


* Adjustable sampling rate
* RS485 signal output
* Zero error can be cleared with one click
* Timer automatic shutdown function
* 5-digit digital display, dual screen design
* Ultra-precision design 0.05 % / 0.1 % optional
* AA battery-powered, life time over 3600 hours
* Can display real-time pressure and current temperature / extreme value at the same time
* Wide measuring range: from vacuum to 160MPa, display range when starting
* The digital pressure gauge with maximum and minimum record function, used as peak record
* Wide operating temperature range, high comprehensive measurement accuracy, and good long-term stability
* 304 stainless steel dial with 105mm outer diameter, 55x55mm large size LCD screen
* Standardized design and production ensure the advancedness, practicality and quality stability of the product
* The digital pressure gauge instead of pointer precision pressure gauge, it can be used as standard pressure gauge for checking pressure products and equipment
* One-key switch of 10 units MPa , kPa , psi , bar , Pa, mbar , mmHg, mH2O , Torr , kgf / cm²
* Sensitive components have excellent anti-corrosion, anti-impact, and overload, anti-vibration, anti-wear performance


* Equipment automation
* Engineering machinery
* Medical equipment
* Pump and compressor
* Energy and heat supply
* Instrumentation
* Pressure laboratory
* Mechanical electronics industry
* Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
* Replace pointer precision pressure gauge
* Water treatment system
* Portable pressure measurement, equipment supporting, calibration equipment and other pressure measurement fields

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High-precision Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

Measuring Range Micro pressure range:1…2.5…25kPa
Low pressure range:40…60…250kPa
Medium pressure range:0.4…0.6…4MPa
High pressure range:6…10…25MPa
Ultra high pressure range:40…60…160MPa
Composite pressure range:-2.5~2.5…5…-100~1000kPa
Absolute pressure range:0~10…25…1000kPa
Differential pressure range:0~10kPa…25…40…60…100…250…400…600kPa, 0~1…1.6MPa
Overload Capability 1.5 times full-scale pressure (1.1 times full-scale pressure for ≥100MPa)
Single crystal silicon differential pressure 16Mpa
Pressure Type Gauge pressure、Absolute pressure、Differential pressure
Measuring Medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 or 304 stainless steel
Accuracy ±0.05%FS      ±0.1%FS
Long-term Stability Typical:±0.1%FS/year
Temperature display accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature Accuracy Better than 0.5℃
Compensation temperature 0~40℃
Sampling rate 1-10 times / second can be set
Working Temperature -10~50℃
Power supply 3 AA batteries or USB power supply
Dimension Diameter 105mm, Thickness 45mm
Back Light White backlight
Signal Output Digital output RS485(customized)
Display Digits 5-LCD display
Electromagnetic Compatibility Anti-electromagnetic interference design
Shell protection IP50(IP54+ protective cover)
Weight Approx. 0.3kg
Interface and Housing 304 stainless steel
Installation Interface M20*1.5 male   G1/4male or customized
Battery replacement 3600 hours of continuous work (based on actual power consumption)
Features 1. Power on / off   2. One-click reset  3. Maximum and minimum recording function 4. Backlight  5. Unit switching
Certificate CE、 RoHS、 Intrinsically Explosion-proof  for option
Storage temperature Temperature(-20~60℃)、Humidity (0~95%RH)
Accessories Portable plastic box, Standard power cord, Rubber protective cover
Model: AP105
Technical Parameter Code Description
Pressure Type G Gauge pressure、Negative pressure
A Absolute pressure
D Differential pressure
Pressure Range 0~ X   E.g:0~1MPa
Accuracy 3 ±0.1%FS
4 ±0.05%FS
Power Supply V1 Battery power
Dial Size D4 105mm
Pressure Connection F1 M20x1.5 male thread
F2 G1/4 male thread
F0 Customized
Installation Structure J Radial installation (default)
Additional Selection P Flush film manometer structure
S RS485 Output
R Anti-corrosion
E Intrinsically Explosion-proof

Model selection example: AP105G(0~1MPa)-3-V1-D4-F2-J
Parameter description: AP105 high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge;Range:0-1MPa gauge pressure; Accuracy:0.1%FS;Output:Battery ; Dial Dimensions:105mm;Pressure connection:G1/4male thread;Installation: Radial installation.
Selection tips:
1. The Measuring Medium should be compatible with the product materials in contact.
2. There may be unsupported product options, please consult the engineer
3. For other special requirements, please consult with the company and indicate in the order

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