Intelligent pressure controller is an intelligent digital display pressure measurement and control product integrating pressure measurement, display, output and control. The product is an all-electronic structure, the front end adopts an oil-filled piezoresistive pressure sensor with a separator film, which is converted by high-precision A/D, processed by microprocessor, displayed on site, and outputs one analog and two switches.

The intelligent digital pressure controller is flexible in use, simple in operation, safe and reliable. Widely used in hydropower, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries, on-site measurement, display and control of the pressure of fluid medium.


* 100 standard instrument installation
* 4-digit LED display, regardless of value error
* On-site setting of control points
* Two control point relay outputs
* 4~20mA standard signal output(optional)


Mechanical connection:

It can be directly installed on the hydraulic line through the pressure pipe fitting (M20*1.5) (other size fittings can be specified when ordering). In critical applications, such as severe vibration or shock, pressure fittings can be mechanically decoupled by micro hoses.

Note: When the range is less than 100KPa, it must be installed vertically

Electrical Connections:

In order to prevent the effects of electromagnetic interference, the following should be noted:

  • Keep the line connection as short as possible
  • Shielded wire is adopted
  • Try to avoid direct access to the user device or wiring of electrical and electronic devices that cause interference
  • If installed with a miniature hose, the housing must be grounded separately
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Red V+ Yellow V- Orange OUT+ White OUT- Blue ON Green COM1 Brown ON2 Grey COM2


Function setting:


Fast zeroing: In the state of no pressure, long press “▲” for 3 seconds to clear to display zero (even times of operation is to restore the factory zero point).

FILt: This value is the display filter coefficient to prevent display runout due to pressure fluctuations. The larger the filtering coefficient, the more stable the display, but the more hysteresis. 0~4 optional

AL1H: This value is the switch 1 engagement value,

AL1F: This value is the switch 1 release value

AL2H: This value is the switch 2 engagement value,  

AL2F:This value is the switch 2 release value

End Save to exit

Note: The switch point is determined by the absorption value and the release value configuration, when the absorption value is greater than the release value, it is the upper alarm output (normally open function), when the absorption value is less than the release value, it is the lower limit alarm output (normally closed function) The difference between the absorption value and the release value is the return difference of the switch point.

Example: To set switch point 1 as the upper limit alarm output (normally open function) at 4Mpa sink, less than 3.80Mpa disconnect; Switch point 2 is the lower limit alarm output (normally closed function) at 10MPa off, less than 9.80Mpa sink sum:

Go to the menu: Settings

AL1H=4.00    AL1F=3.80     AL2H=9.80    AL2F=10.00

  • Press the “SET” key                                                       ●Display “LOCK” (prompt for password).
  • Press the ▲or ▼key to enter the password “1”, ● Press the “SET” key to confirm
  • Press the ▲or ▼keys to scroll up or down to select the menu (AL1H,  AL1F, AL2H, AL2F, END
  • Press the “SET” key to enter the selected menu.    ● Press ▲or ▼keys to change settings
  • Press the “SET” key to confirm, and if necessary, use the ▲or ▼key to select other menus to modify.
  • After the modification is complete, select “END” and press the “SET” key to confirm the save exit
  • If no key is pressed for 30 seconds, the setting state will be automatically exited, but the modified data will not be saved.
Range range 0~100MPa
Overload capacity 200%
Stability ≤0.1%/year
Display method 0.56″ Nixie tube
Response time < 30 milliseconds
Relative humidity ≤80%
Accuracy 0.5% F.S.
Pressure type Gauge
Supply voltage 24 VDC/220 VAC
Display range -1999~9999
Ambient temperature -20°C~70°C
Interface material 304Stainless steel

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