AP910 micro high frequency pressure transmitter is designed precisely for purpose of measured flow field, position of installation and placement or dynamic frequency response, when pressure measurement at the original location is required, rigorous requirements are usually laid on micro miniaturization of the sensor’s dimensions and re-occurrence of change laws for pulse flow field without disturbing the flow field state.

This micro high frequency pressure transmitter adopts international silicon–based silicon technology of pressure sensor and high-accuracy integrated piezoresistive force-sensing elements to conduct exquisite micro encapsulation by using internationally state-of-the-art microminiaturized production and encapsulation technology.

This micro pressure transmitter solid and durable and featured by small size, compact structure, light weight, and good dynamic and static characteristics. IntelliBee Sensor can customize the micro pressure transmitter you need according to where your sensors are used.


* Wide measuring range, random ranges of -100KPa~0~10KPa…6MPa…40MPa…60MPa
* Small size and high-frequency dynamic response
* A dynamic pressure sensor and a micro pressure sensor have a minimum diameter of 2.54mm and a length of 3.77mm
* High accuracy, up to 0.1% FS (up to +175℃ specially)
* Good long-term stability, resistant to all kinds of worse conditions
* High natural frequency: 20KHz~1.6MHz
* Can be specially customized according to customer requirements
* Good medium compatibility, can be used in various corrosive media


AP910 micro high frequency pressure transmitter is suitable for aerodynamics research, hydrodynamics and hydraulic test, aircraft and engine test, wind tunnel test, biomedical application, mold shrinkage test, hydraulic turbine and underwater weapon test, chemical explosion or nuclear explosion shock wave, etc

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Measuring range -100KPa ~0~10KPa…20KPa…6MPa…40MPa..60MPa
Overload capacity Two times FS pressure
Pressure type Gauge pressure or absolute pressure
Measured medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Overall accuracy (Non-linearity, repeatability, lagging) ±0.1%FS ±0.25%FS ±0.5%FS
Natural  frequency 20KHz~1.6MHz
Long-term stability Typical: ±0.1%FS/ year Maximum: ±0.2%FS/ year
Operating temperature -40℃~85℃ generally -10℃~120℃ specially
Zero point temperature drift Typical: ±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum: ±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical: ±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum: ±0.05%FS/℃
Range of power supply 12~36VDC (24VDC generally) ±15VDC standard power supply
Signal output Sensor: 1.5~4.5mV/V Transducer: 4~20mA/0~5VDC
Load resistance ≤(U-12)/0.02Ω
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ (at 100VDC)
Enclosure protection degree Cable IP67; plug-and-socket connection IP65
Linear vibration 10-2000Hz sine wave, ≤100g
Resolution Infinite small (theoretical), 1 / 100000 (general)
Port and enclosure Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
AP910 Micro High Frequency Pressure Transmitter
Code Pressure type
G Gauge pressure ( may not be indicated)
A Absolute pressure
Range (0~ X  KPa or MPa) Measuring Range
Code Band width of transducer
H1 0~1KHz~3KHz
H2 0~20KHz
H3 0~200KHz
Code Overall accuracy (linearity + repeatability + lagging)
1 ±0.5%FS
2 ±0.25%FS
3 ±0.1%FS
Code Signal Output
A1 4~20mA
V1 1~5V DC
V2 0~5V DC
V0 mV output
Code Additional functions
F1 M8 external thread
F2 M6 external thread
F3 Φ5
F4 M12 external thread
F0 Special
W1 Φ3.5 4-conductor shielded
W2 4-conductor flat ribbon wire
W0 Special
AP910(0~500KPa)  -H1  -1  -V2  -F1  -W1                      Micro High Frequency Pressure Transmitter

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