AP91 micro pressure sensor and transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The micro pressure transmitter is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance. The micro pressure transmitter is rugged and durable to meet the requirements of more stringent industrial standards. The micro pressure transmitter is widely used in industrial support; industry support and equipment support. The series includes a variety of options, which are applied to different industries and different working conditions. The micro pressure sensor solves the needs for economic pressure monitoring in different occasions and serves a wide range of industries.

AP91 is a micro pressure sensor and transmitter for measuring dynamic and static pressure integrated transmission output. The micro pressure transmitter is suitable for applications where the installation space is limited or the weight of the sensor is light. The sensor  of the AP91 micro pressure sensor and transmitter are made of a fully temperature-compensated Wheatstone bridge diffused on a highly stable micromachined silicon strained substrate; so the product guarantees good performance, the sensor body structure is compact, the outer casing can be made of titanium material, the weight without cable is less than 52g; and the G3/8 flat membrane design choices ensure the dynamic frequency response of 3KHz. The conventional small thread pressure can also reach the dynamic characteristic index of 1KHz; has a wide range of application scenarios, cost-effective.


* One-piece micro-mini design, multiple transmission output 4-20mA, 0~5V, 0.5~4.5V
* Dynamic and static pressure measurement
* Can be flush diaphragm, has good dynamic characteristics
* Shell in stainless steel or titanium material to meet different working conditions
* Low sensitivity to mounting torque
* A variety of mounting threads are available: M5x0.8, M6x1, M8x1, G3/8 flush film threads
* Wide measuring range and modular design, optional pressure gauge and absolute pressure


* Laboratory and research development, micro-miniature devices
* On-board equipment monitoring, airbag testing, brake system pressure
* Cylinder pressure, engine intake and turbine
* Ocean monitoring, underwater equipment
* Robots and small reactors
* Biomedical liquid analyzer

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Performance Parameter:

Measuring Range 0~100KPa……70MPa
Overload Capability 1.5~2 times full-scale pressure
Burst Pressure 4xFS(≤100MPa)
Durability ﹥1×107 cycle(P:0~FS)
Pressure Type Gauge / Absolute
Measuring medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Response frequency 0~1KHz       Flat film shape 0~3KHz
Natural frequency 500KHz
Resolution 0.01%FS
Accuracy (linear, hysteresis, repeatability) ±0.5%FS (default) ±0.25%FS/±0.1%FS(Additional item T1/T2)
Long-term stability Typical:±0.1%FS Maximum:±0.2%FS
Zero Temperature Drift Typical: ±0.01%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.02%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.01%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.02%FS/℃


Environmental Conditions:

Medium Temperature -40~100℃,Special -55~150℃ can be customized
Ambient Temperature -40~85℃
Compensation Temperature -20~70℃ ,Special -40~120℃ can be customized
Vibration resistance 20g , IEC 60068-2-6
Impact resistance 500g/1ms,IEC 60068-2-27
EMC- launch EN61000-6-3
EMC- anti-interference EN61000-6-2
Insulation resistance ﹥100MΩ(100V)
Shell Protection Plug type(IP65);  Cable type(IP67); Compliance IEC 60529 standard
Certification CE


Electrical Specifications:

Code Standard signal(with short circuit protection) Supply voltage with polarity protection Power supply-Current Load(R) Output Impendence
A1 4~20mA DC 9~30V Max.25mA R≤(U-9)/0.02Ω
V1 1~5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V2 0~5 V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V3 0.5~4.5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V4 0.5~4.5V DC DC 5±0.25V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ



Interface and housing Stainless Steel 304L/ titanium
O-ring Fluororubber
Sensor Diaphragm Stainless Steel 316L
Weight Approx.52g
AP91 G 016B A1 F1 W4 T1
Model Pressure type Pressure Range Output Mounting thread Electrical connections Additional item
AP91 G=Gauge
001B=1bar G/A
002B=2bar G/A
004B=4bar G/A
006B=6bar G/A
010B=10bar G/A
016B=16bar G/A
025B=25bar G/A
040B=40bar G/A
060B=60bar G
100B=100bar G
160B=160bar G
250B=250bar G
400B=400bar G
600B=600bar G
700B=700bar G
F3= M5x0.8male
F0= Customize
W1= Straight Out 1m
W3=M8 corner out 1m
W4=XS9 Straight Out 1m
T1=Accuracy 0.25%
T2=Accuracy 0.1%
T3= Full titanium housing
T0= Special

Model example: AP91G016BA1F1W4T1
(AP91 Micro Pressure Sensor and Transmitter; Range 0~1.6MPa Gauge; Output 4~20mA; Accuracy 0.25% typical; Power Supply 9~30VDC;Pressure Connection M6X1 male thread; Electrical Connection XS9 aviation plug to 1m flexible shielded cable; r, Special instruction: 010B=10bar G/A, G/A stands for gauge and absolute pressure, G gauge, A absolute)
Remarks: It can be customized if the order quantity exceeds a certain amount. Please contact the sales engineers for details.

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