AP31 series miniature flush diaphragm pressure transmitter is a hygienic special pressure transmitter designed and produced by using a strain gauge sensor core. The miniature pressure transmitter is widely used in fluid feeding system, glue dispenser equipment, food processing equipment and other highly viscous or particulate fluid pressure measurement and control.


* Cavityless hard flat film
* Micro and small size
* Wide measuring range
* High reliability


* Dispenser
* Food Processing
* Medicine
* Fluid Feeding System

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Miniature Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

Range 1~ 10MPa (optional) Temp. compensation 0-80°C
Accuracy ±0.5%FS、±1.0%FS Operating Temp.  -20-100°C
Output 4-20mA(3-wires)、0~1V、0~5V、
Safe Overload 150%
Supply 5VDC、24VDC、9-36VDC Limit overload 200%
Process connection M10*1、M8*1、M8*0.75、
Temperature drift 0.02%FS/°C
Electrical connection Aviation plug, waterproof outlet,
M12 plug-in
Long-term stability 0.2%FS/year
Load capacity Current type:
R=(supply voltage-8V)/0.02Ω
Wetted material  17-4P

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