1.High accuracy

The differential pressure (flow) transmitter can measure high accuracy within the measurement range of 0.1~40000kPa. Migration of positive and negative zero point is not necessary for linearity adjustment.

2.Excellent environmental adaptability

Smart static pressure compensation and temperature compensation protect the transmitter from effects of temperature, static pressure and overpressure, and minimize on-site comprehensive measurement error.

3.Flexible range compression

* Micro range (0…6kPa) ratio: 3:1
* Medium range ratio: 10:1
* Maximum range ratio: 10:1

4.Excellent operability and ease of use

* 5 digits with backlit LCD digital display
* Multiple display functions (Pa, kPa, MPa, %, psi)
* Built-in three-button shortcut operation in-place adjustment function

* Available in various anti-corrosion materials
* Comprehensive self-diagnosis function
* Output signal: DC4~20mA+HART protocol
* Allowable load resistance: 0~600Ω (when DC 24V)
Note: A standard (250 Ω) load resistor is required to communicate with the handheld communicator.

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Differential pressure / splint pressure transmitter:


Pressure transmitter:


Power supply:

General purpose DC10.5~45V
Intrinsically safe explosion-proof DC10.5~26V

*Communication line conditions: Line length: up to 2km (0.75~1.25mm2 control instrument cable, use twisted pair cable for more than 1km)

Load resistance: 250~600Ω

(DC 24V, including cable resistance)

Load capacitance: below 0.55mF

Load inductance: 3.3mH with power line spacing: 15cm or more

(Please avoid parallel wiring)

*Saturation current: upper limit 20.8mA

Lower limit 3.8mA

*Alarm current: upper limit 22.8mA

Lower limit 3.6mA

*Adjustment function: Zero point and full-scale point can be adjusted on site from the top three buttons of the outer casing or can be adjusted remotely by using configuration software.

*Zero migration: Can migrate within the range of -20% to +20% of the maximum range

*Output mode: linear output

Square root output(May achieve remote adjustment via configuration software)

*Ambient temperature: -40~+85° C(When filling with fluorine oil: -10~+60° C)

*Storage temperature: -40~+90° C

*Weather resistance: DIN40040GPC

*EMC applicable standard: EN1326-1:2006

Square root output accuracy:

Output Accuracy
≥ 50% Same as the reference accuracy
50%~Dropping point Reference accuracy x 50
Square root output (%)

*Power supply impact: ±0.005%/1V

*Installation position influence: Installation position changes in the direction parallel to the diaphragm will not cause zero drift. If the installation position and the diaphragm surface change by more than 90° , zero drift within the range of 0.4KPa can be corrected by zero adjustment.

*Response time: 90ms

*Damping: Time constant can be adjusted within 0~99.9 seconds

*Filter constant: Can be adjusted within 0~160uA

*Self-stability factor: Can be adjusted within 0~2%

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