Sewage Waste Water Level Sensor Transmitter


Sewage waste water level sensor transmitter adopts high-performance ceramic piezoresistive and corrosion-resistant cores, uses the temperature stability, high precision and strong anti-corrosion characteristics of ceramics, and uses PTFE with strong anti-corrosion performance. Ethylene, anti-corrosion alloy and other materials, can measure various corrosive media, Sewage waste water level sensor transmitter widely used in petroleum, water conservancy, urban water supply, chemical industry, chemical testing, medicine, sewage treatment and other liquid level measurement and control.



* All stainless steel structure, moisture-proof and leak-proof
* Good long-term stability and long service life
* Input measurement, no installation, easy to use
* Waterproof and breathable cable, tensile and durable



* Urban water supply, groundwater
* Water tower, water tank,
* Petroleum, chemical industry
* Liquid level monitoring of open irrigation

Performance Parameter:

Measuring Range 0-1m-1000mH2O(optional ) Compensation Temperature 0-70°C
Accuracy 0.25%、0.5%FS、1.0%FS Working Temperature -10-80°C
Output 4-20mA、0/1-5/10V、0.5-4.5V、RS485 Safe overload 150%
Power Supply 5VDC、24VDC、9-36VDC Limit overload 200%
Installation interface submersible 、G1、1NPT、M36*2( optional ) Temperature drift 0.02%FS/°C
Electrical connections Direct outlet, 2088 junction box Long-term stability 0.2%FS/year
Cable material PUR、PVC、PE、FEP(white) Shell material PVC, PTFE, 316L
Load capacity Current type: R= (supply voltage -8V)/0.02 Wetted material 316L, ceramic(optional)

Electrical Specifications:

Code Standard signal(with short circuit protection) Supply voltage with polarity protection Power supply-Current Load(R) Output Impendence
A1 4~20mA DC 9~30V Max.25mA R≤(U-9)/0.02Ω
V1 1~5V DC DC 9~30V   8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V2 0~5 V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V3  0.5~4.5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
V4 0.5~4.5V DC DC 5±0.25V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ
S3 Custom output Custom power supply   10μA


Interface and housing PVC, PTFE, 316L
O-ring Fluorine rubber, PTFE, NBR, can be customized
Sensor Diaphragm 316L, Ceramic


AP30 G 010M A1 F2 W2 S
Model Pressure type Pressure Range Output Wetted material Electrical connection Remark
AP30 G=Gauge
001M =1m
002M =2m
003M =3m
004M =4m
005M =5m
010M =10m
020M =20m
030M =30m
050M =50m
100M =100m
1000M =1000m
V3=0.5~4.5V(8~30VDC supply)
S3= Customized
F4= Teflon
F5= PP
F7= Customized
W1= Straight Out 1m cable
W2=2088 Junction Box
W0= Customized
T= Special

Model example: Sewage Waste Water Level Sensor Transmitter
Range: 0-10m H20, Gauge; Output: RS485; Accuracy: ±0.5%FS typical; Supply: 9~30V DC, Pressure Connection: Straight Out 1m cable
Remarks: It can be customized if the order quantity exceeds a certain amount. Please contact the sales engineers for details
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