What is a dynamic pressure sensor?

Piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of dynamic pressure sensor, which can not be used for static measurement, because the charge after external force is saved only when the circuit has infinite input impedance. The actual situation is not so, so it is decided that the dynamic pressure sensor can only measure the dynamic stress.

The difference between static pressure sensor and dynamic pressure sensor.

1. Diaphragm pressure sensor is a sensor based structure. According to the sensing principle, diaphragm pressure sensors can be divided into piezoresistive, strain, inductive, capacitive and piezoelectric.

2. Among the above pressure sensors with different principles, the piezoelectric pressure sensor is only suitable for measuring dynamic pressure, so dynamic calibration is required. It can measure other dynamic and static pressures. The most commonly used is quasi-static measurement with very low frequency, so static calibration is the most widely used calibration form. When the measured pressure frequency band is wide, the frequency response of various pressure sensors shall be calibrated.

Application of dynamic pressure sensor.

The sensor is mainly used to measure acceleration, pressure and force. Piezoelectric accelerometer is a common accelerometer. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and long service life. Piezoelectric accelerometers have been widely used in vibration and impact measurement of aircraft, automobiles, ships, bridges and buildings, especially in the field of aviation and aerospace. The piezoelectric sensor can also be used to measure the internal combustion pressure and vacuum of the engine. It can also be used in military industry. For example, it can be used to measure the changes of bore pressure and muzzle shock wave pressure when firing guns and bullets in bore. It can be used to measure large pressure and small pressure.

Pressure sensors are also widely used in biomedical measurement. For example, a ventricular catheter microphone is made of a piezoelectric sensor. Because dynamic pressure measurement is very common, dynamic pressure sensors are widely used.

Pressure sensors are widely used to test speed, pressure and force, so they have high application value in some products. Dynamic pressure sensors can use many different techniques to provide accurate results. Based on the dynamic pressure sensor, the strain gauge is used as the pressure sensitive element. Usually, the metal foil strain gauge or diaphragm is bonded to the cylindrical elastomer. The advantage of pressure sensing based on strain principle is good rigidity, which can measure the pressure of 15000 bar.

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