AP23T series temperature and pressure integrated transmitter adopts built-in temperature and pressure sensitive element. Rational assembly process and strict product quality standards ensure the quality and performance of this product, which is widely used in scientific research, military industry, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgical machinery and environmental protection. Such as oil well temperature and pressure measurement, diesel engine common rail temperature and pressure measurement, injection molding machinery temperature and pressure measurement, etc..


* Simultaneous monitoring of temperature and pressure
* Small product, low power consumption
* Wide measurement range and wide temperature range
* High comprehensive precision, good long-term stability


* Mechanical engineering application
* Hydraulic and pneumatic system
* Petroleum, chemical industry
* Metallurgy and environmental protection

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Temperature and Pressure Integrated Transmitter

Measuring Range -0.1-0-60MPa(optional) Load capacity Current type: R=(supply voltage-8V)/0.02Ω
Working Temperature -20℃-100℃ Temperature compensation 0-85°C
Graduation number PT100 Stored temperature -20-85°C
Accuracy 0.25%FS、0.5%FS Safe overload 150%
Output 4-20mA、0/1-5/10V、0.5-4.5V、PT100 Limit overload 200%
Power Supply +5VDC、+12VDC、+24VDC Temperature drift 0.02%FS/°C
Process connection G1/4、G1/2、1/2NPT、M20*1.5(Can be customized) Long term stability 0.2%FS/year
Electrical connection Hessman, aviation plug, waterproof outlet,M12*1 Material 304、316L

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